[Newbies] Strange bug with Morphic

Martin Nilsson martinnilsson at email.com
Wed Mar 16 10:33:58 UTC 2011


 I'm writing a small game. The fileOut code for the game is pasted at http://paste.lisp.org/display/120545 . I got a rather strange bug going on, which I will describe here, in the hope that somebody has the time to help me.

 The bug is like this: If you open the game (with FiveInARowGame new openInWorld) and if you also have a Transcript window open, then the game works correctly. (Try clicking somewhere in the game board, and the AI will respond after 0.5 seconds, and the tag 'Crosses'' turn.' will change to 'Nought''s turn.' and back again.)

 But if you close the Transcript window, or if you remove a certain "Transcript show: '' . " statement in the FiveInARowGame>>performAI method, then mouse response will become less responsive in the game, and the 'Crosses'' turn.' tag will not update as it should any longer.

 Now, my question is: what magic does this call to Transcript do which causes my game to update correctly, and what message should I send instead to get the same effect, even without a Transcript window open ?

Best Regards
 Martin Nilsson
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