[Newbies] What happened to all the toys?

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Wed Oct 14 18:04:10 UTC 2015

Hi Eric,

my two cents on this:

Squeak has few resources nowadays and nobody (including me) has 
continued to work on these things.

For me the big breakdown was that project save broke in 4.5.

The big plus of Squeak for me is it's backwards compatibility. So I 
develop in 4.4 and if I need the speed of the new VM I just deploy it on 
5.0. This is for example all my Raspberry Pi work.

I did a lot of work in 3.8 which afaik has all the toys you mention and 
some development tools I like. Basically with todays computers it runs 
fast as lightning compared to then. You'll need to find the latest 
interpreter (non cog, non spur) VM, I'll happily mail you the one I'm 
using. I assume I could just take the mcz's (Monticello) and load them 
in a current Squeak to run them. Maybe I'll do that shortly when I 
revisit my neural networks stuff.

Bottom line:
I'm happy Squeak makes the great progress (imho) it makes and I have to 
compensate for the losses unless I'm willing to do the work. I suggest 
you try a 3.8 image to find your toys and do new stuff in 5.0 unless you 
need to save projects across images. If so, 4.4 is the latest one.

Squeak incl. 5.0 is such a great environment to be working in!



Am 14.10.2015 um 16:46 schrieb Eric Scharff:
> I was an active Squeak user around 10 years ago, but (I admit 
> sheepishly) I disappeared.
> I went to rediscover Squeak and downloaded a 4.6 image, but found that 
> many of the toys I wanted to play with are no longer part of the 
> standard image such as:
>   * Freecell
>   * The Piano Keyboard morph and the Piano Roll midi reader/editor
>   * The chess game
> I guess I could download an older image, but are any of these 
> available in a more recent version of Squeak? Would a Squeak 3.2 image 
> even work properly on a new VM? I'd bet there would be some plugin 
> version mismatches...
> I opened up SqueakMap, clicked "Update", and saw a whole lot of 
> packages, but I clearly don't understand the UI. If these packages 
> were available somewhere, I couldn't figure out how to use it.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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