and in danger (was Re: [Box-Admins] Disk space usage on box3)

David T. Lewis lewis at
Sat Dec 7 01:23:15 UTC 2013

On Fri, Dec 06, 2013 at 11:40:54AM -0600, Ken Causey wrote:
> On 12/06/2013 11:19 AM, David T. Lewis wrote:
> >Thanks Ken,
> >
> >I will look at it as soon as I get home, about 8 hours from now.
> >
> >Frank,
> >
> >There's not much I can do on the side other than move the
> >repository to another box (which is not easy to do). Short term we need to
> >tidy up the jobs where can can.
> >
> >Dave
> Thanks Dave,
> I agree that it is probably easier to find some space to clear up under 
> but I think the community as a whole has to give some 
> serious thought to the future of

I fully agree that the community should give some consideration to how should be managed moving forward. But please do not
portray this as a disk space problem. If that is the problem, then I'll
pay for the disk space myself, just tell me where to send the check.

The disk utilization problem is due to unnecessary accumulation of build
artifacts from Jenkins jobs. It looks to me like most of this is accumulating
by accident rather than by intent, and this can probably be easily fixed
with some changes to the job configurations, with no loss of useful data
from the jobs themselves. Clearly this needs to be addressed anyway,
because if you doubled our available disk space we would be having the
same discussion 12 months from now. So we need to fix it.

I'll try to get with Frank over the weekend and see if we can clean up
some easy stuff (Frank, I am "dtlewis290 at" on gmail, so I'll
try to connect with you there).

Meanwhile I deleted a few unnecessary backup files under ~ssdotcom, which
gives us another 1% free disk space to keep things going for another day
or so ;-)


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