Adrian Lienhard adi at
Wed Jun 22 07:00:49 UTC 2005

Hi Doug,

>> We are waiting for a brand new mac os X server (because right now
>> squeaksource is running
>> on our oldest solaris box). As soon as we have it we could really use
>> it for a dedicated ssource.
>> But yes as soon as we have a squeaksource and a stream set up I'm
>> willing to push forward 3.9.
>> Marcus told me that he wants to push some mantis pending items. :)
> So... when will this new server be arriving? :)

I discussed with Stef and since we don't think it makes sense to wait  
for that server I proposed to host this SqueakSource instance at

> Cees also offered to host the repository on the squeakfoundation box.
> Should we just go with that?  (There's already plenty of stuff on the
> box, it looks like. :) )

If Cees wants to set it up and support it that's of course fine with  
me as well.


> And I guess this would just be the 3.9 "release repository".  The
> individual packages should still have their own master repositories
> somewhere... not sure where they should go.  A few of the Basic  
> packages
> already have master repositories, let's see, Monticello, probably
> SqueakMap, that may be about it.  Perhaps some of the core ones  
> such as
> Kernel should go on the same box as the release repository.
> - Doug

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