[Seaside] RFC: Rendering WML

Dmitry Dorofeev dima-sender-3c337a at yasp.com
Fri Dec 30 09:58:09 CET 2005


Just to note that I am very interested in WML generation with Seaside,
as we do WML, WML 2.0 and i-mode services (in Perl). My personal feeling is that
it is not very usefull to have HTML and WML generation from a
single WAComponent. May be it is becouse we just implemented WML services
from scratch still using the same database as HTML site. Also it is quite hard to put
the same functionality as real Web site into mobile screen due to screen size.

Benefits I see from Seaside generating WML are:
1. Correct WML (as mobiles very sensitive to broken tags etc)
2. Nice session based services. Question/answer sequences etc.
3. Autodecting of mobile phone capabilities and generating content according to it.
WML1.0/WML2.0 switch for example. Or image autoresize to mobile phone size.

Would be glad to help in this project, but can surely offer only testing.


Brent Pinkney wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have an application which would really benefit from WAP/WML access.
> To support this, certain basic classes like WAWmlRenderer would need to be implemented.
> Before I venture down this path and burden my attempts on the Seaside community, I would appreciate any insights
> others might have.
> Specifically, 
> 1.	is it feasible/useful to have a single WAComponent subclass render both HTML and WML ?
> 	i.e #renderContentOn: 
> 		becomes
> 			#renderHtmlContentOn:
> 		and 
> 			#renderWmlContentOn:
> 	My concern here is that a WML application may not always mimic the structure of a HTML app.
> 	However, it may do so in a singificant number of cases, making reuse of the #children, etc logic
> 	of a WAComponent fruitful.
> 2.	What preferences would others have for such functionality
> 3.	Any war-stories from other Seaside + WML efforts.
> Thanks
> Brent
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