[Seaside] Lastest stable version of Seaside for VisualWorks

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 26 08:46:14 CET 2005

>> I was wondering, does anyone know if version 2.5b5.9.0 of
>> SeasideForWebToolkit in the Cincom public Store repository is the latest
>> stable version to use or should I use the Seaside parcel that comes with
>> the VisualWorks 7.3 ISO image?
The Seaside parcel on the 7.3 distribution and version 2.5b5.9.0 on the 
Store repository are identical and correspond to the latest available 

This was ported from Seaside2.5b5-avi.9.mcz 
<http://beta4.com/mc/seaside/Seaside2.5b6-avi.8.mcz>. It has gotten a 
little bit behind
since the last couple of weeks (Avi has published 2.5b7-avi.1), I will 
try to catch
up to at least 2.5b6-avi.8.

Brett Taylor a écrit :

> Michel Bany of Cincom may have a better answer, but I would use the 
> Public Store version. The Public Store is where Michel publishes the 
> latest versions.    BTW, there are some fixes that Michel published on 
> the list that handle file upload errors.  These should be added to the 
> public store version.

You may use either. Try first with the parcel from the distribution and 
if it does not work
try the Store version.

Regarding the fixes, I do not know yet what to do here. The two fixes to 
make file upload
work are for VisualWorks 7.3 only and should not be installed when 
running with a previous
version of VisualWorks.

The two fixes that are needed when using Seaside with VW 7.3 are here :


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