[Seaside] Getting scriptaculous to work

David Pollak dpp at athena.com
Thu Aug 24 05:15:41 UTC 2006


On Aug 23, 2006, at 5:02 PM, Avi Bryant wrote:

>> On a semi-related note, was there a reason to choose the 3.7  
>> rather than the 3.8 image for Seaside 2.6?
> That image derives from the image shrinking work that Pavel  
> Krivanek and Steve Swerling did, which had been 3.7 based.  We use  
> it to get a relatively small base image to use for Dabble DB (this  
> matters: our servers have thousands of images lying around and they  
> add up).

So does each DabbleDB account have its own image?  If so, how do you  
fire up an image when I come to to foo.dabbledb.com?  How do you know  
to save the image?  Have you or anyone else written about deploying a  
large-scale web app farm with Squeak?

> 3.7 is also the last version before the switch to WideString. On  
> balance, I'm not convinced that change was useful in a web context:  
> it doesn't usually matter much whether or not Squeak is using the  
> right encoding internally, as long as the bytes go back and forth  
> unharmed between Squeak and the web browser - and converting back  
> and forth between UTF8 and WideString all the time is a measurable  
> performance hit.  That might be a North American, anglo-centric  
> bias, however.

I've spent about a year in Ruby/Rails.  One of the things that's  
caused me to pop my head up and look for another environment is  
Ruby's very weak support for non-ASCII characters.  Having 16 bit  
characters is a real win.  Granted, prior to Ruby, I lived in Java- 
land and there's much less of a performance concern as JVM + JIT ->  
reasonable fast.

My 2 cents.



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