[Seaside] Re: Preparing a Seaside Squeak application for Production

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Thu Nov 16 20:50:42 UTC 2006

Michael Rueger wrote:
> For testing and debugging purposes you may want to run the image headed 
> against a VNC server.

I start the image with:

     squeak -vm display=none,sound=none foo.image

where the image has been saved with the VNC server already running.
Is this what is meant by "headed against a VNC server"?

> And, as happens on a regular basis to our SqueakSource servers, the 
> image locks up, just connecting to VNC an wiggling the mouse brings it 
> back to life.

I run the 3.9-8 VM on Ubuntu-6.06.1-server.
I mostly see the CPU usage at 49%, and sometimes at 99%.
When things are stable, the usage is 8%. I've only been
running on Ubuntu for about two weeks. Any ideas on how
to get the image into a stable usage mode? Is there a
consolidated list somewhere of things to try?

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