[Seaside] CSS URLs

Michel Bany michel.bany at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 07:25:51 UTC 2007

On 02 Feb 2007, at 07:07 , Rick Flower wrote:

> Michel Bany wrote:
>> [ ... ]
>> With the above in place you can now have things like this in your  
>> css:
>>     url("/seaside/images/SlidingDoors/bg.gif")
> Michel --
> I've got my VW installation now using a custom servlet setup based  
> on some directions that you wrote up last March for someone on this  
> list.. So, all is fine and dandy and works, except I find now that  
> the SeasideWebDesigner tool can no longer find its image files such  
> as the one mentioned above..  I suspect I need to somehow tell it  
> to look elsewhere or put some sort of setting in my webtools.ini  
> file.. Any ideas on how to proceed?
> Thanks!

Have you tried this


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