[Seaside] Load Magritte for VisualWorks and Magritte - Tutorial

Michel Bany michel.bany at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 17:03:33 UTC 2007

Hi Dario,

> In my image based on VW7.4.1 i have preload SeasideForWeboolkit  
> version (2.6b1.84.0, mbany)
> Now in the published Items on Cincom i see SeasideForWeboolkit  
> version (2.6b1.128.0, mbany).

This will not work, because " SeasideForWebToolkit " is only a script  
that loads the various Seaside
pieces assuming that there is not Seaside at all in your image.

When you want to upgrade to a newer version of Seaside, you have two  

1. Rebuild your VisualWorks image from scratch starting from the base  


2. Load the Seaside bundles manually
in the order shown, choosing the most recent 2.6b1.128.x for each

> I load it in my image but any in:  & title: method is add.

I believe that you do not even have version 2.6b1.84.0 in your image,
because the #title: method exists in that version.

You can verify this by selecting the Seaside bundle in the System  
and looking at the bottom right of the System Browser window, or
looking at the Properties tab


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