[Seaside] Re: What's the (technical) purpose of adding t/seaside/ to the path

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Fri Jul 20 14:19:48 UTC 2007

Jason Johnson wrote:

> Does Swazoo run on all platforms?  If so, then maybe the plan should 
> just be to create all the tutorials to work with Swazoo and basically 
> adopt it as the platform of choice for Seaside.  It seems like everyone 
> has expectations that the "Seaside Solution" contain a web server [1] 
> anyway, so this might be the approach of least pain. :)

Swazoo currently runs on Squeak, VW, Dolphin and it will soon on ST/X. 
It could soon also on VA Smalltalk (Sport port is on the way). Is there 
any more dialect to port Swazoo on?

It is also a goal of forthcoming Swazoo 2.0 to be as same as possible on 
all supported dialects and for sure on API level.

Swazoo is therefore definitively a right choice for all portable web 

Best regards

> [1] And this is, of course, reasonable.  I had just thought that it was 
> also reasonable to say that Seaside is a "module" to your web server of 
> choice and you will need to consult your servers documentation on how to 
> set it up.  How does Rails handle this?
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