[Seaside] WAComponent callbacks, continuations and #children

John Thornborrow john at pinesoft.co.uk
Wed Jun 6 14:45:06 UTC 2007

Lukas Renggli wrote:
>> 1. How would Stage2 component maintain a reference to Stage 1?
> Are you backtracking the state? In Seaside 2.7 by using
> #registerObjectForBacktracking: and in Seaside 2.8 by implementing
> #states.
No, I am not back tracking the state - I have not got that 'far' yet due
to this current problem(s).
>> 2. How can I provide that reference in Stage2>>>#children without
>> entering a circular reference, because Stage2 must be referenced by
>> Stage1>>>#children?
>> Apologies for the poor explanation, it is a difficult one for me to
>> explain.
> I don't understand your second point. As long as you don't run into
> infinite loops circular references should be no problem (except for
> the reusability).
> Lukas

It is WAComponent>>>childrenDo: which is entering the infinite loop, due
to both Stage1 and Stage2 being #children, and both Stage1 and Stage2
returning each other as children. However, if I do not return Stage1 as
a child to Stage2, it will generate the callback error if the user
clicks back.



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