[Seaside] seaside performance in Squeak

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Fri Nov 23 17:57:53 UTC 2007

On 23-Nov-07, at 9:00 AM, Adrian Lienhard wrote:

> May I ask why VMMaker is not stored in one dedicated SqueakSource  
> repository?

Because I tried it once and had problems and never got around to  
making another attempt.

> It should be a matter of minutes to create a project and commit the  
> current version to it and then people can commit and merge their  
> fixes etc.
You're kidding, yes? The chances of me letting other people commit  
changes to such an important chunk of code are exactly (no floating  
point comparison to confuse things) zero. If other people want to do  
it for themselves and risk losing important work then they're welcome.  
I won't - couldn't - prevent it, nor would I ever help solve the  

When you use a tim branded VMMaker you are getting something that has  
had attention paid to
it. It certainly won't be perfect but it will be good.

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