[Seaside] Squeak + Seaside questions

Alexandre Paes alex.paes at streetdogstudio.com
Tue Oct 9 13:55:07 UTC 2007

Hi Lukas,

thank you for your answers, fortunately it seems seaside might be an 
alternative after all for this project. I did like you state on your 
reply about setting up apache 1.3.37 to work with seaside and it's 
working a lot better now, i still have some problems with the 
FileLibrary things, but i guess i'll find some way to get around that 
since there are some other posts on the mailing list about  that. What i 
could use is some pointer about if it's possible to have seaside answer 
only on localhost requests and not having the port open to the outside, 
and let it be acessible only through apache.

Thanks everyone for the replies and help,


Em 10/08/07 18:23 Lukas Renggli escreveu:
>> 1) I believe squeak + seaside only serves one request at a time, is this
>> right?
> No, that's not true.
>> If so, how will an application that is to serve 1-10 users
>> simultaneously behave in terms of performance?
> 10 users should be easily handled by a single image.
>> 2) Is it possible to have the application seamlessly deployed together
>> with Apache 1.3.37? All the documents i've found rely on stuff that
>> apparently are only available on Apache 2.x. (If someone could provide
>> some tips i'd be thankful)
> It is easier with Apache 2, but it works with any other web server as
> well. What you have to do in this case is to set server-name and port
> in the Seaside configuration, so that Seaside can properly generate
> absolute URLs.
>> 3) How is squeak + seaside in terms of scalability, is it possible to
>> add multiple applications running on the same VM and have them not
>> colliding with each other? (Continuations still make my head dizzy,
>> that's why i ask this)
> Yes, that's no problem.
> Depending on the amount of concurrent users you might want to add more
> VMs and do some load-balancing. This should not be necessary for 10
> users though.
> Lukas

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