[Seaside] FileLibrary refreshment IE

Sylvain Pralon sylvain.pralon at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 15:11:48 UTC 2007


I currently have a problem with my seaside application and IE 6 only 
(what a surprise ?).
In fact my application use a WAFileLibrary which contained lots of files 
including some png, css, and js.
The first problem is when I display for the first time my page I have to 
refresh it because all the component do not have its css applied.
After that, as I use some scriptaculous scripts, I refresh only some 
html elements in my page, and when I do that, the support for the png 
is not available for the picture in this element. So i refresh the page 
and only after that it is ok.

This problem is only on IE6. IE7 and firefox just do it fine.
All my css are stored into my WAFileLibrary, nothing in a style method 
of my components. Should I do it this way, copy the css in my component ?.

Thanks for help, any ideas are welcome !


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