[Seaside] Making a store in Seaside

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Thu Sep 13 04:50:26 UTC 2007

Ok, thanks.  Though it is my intention not to use apache if there is any 
way at all to avoid it.  I don't want a stack, but a homogeneous 
system.  I know I can do it in other high level languages, but Seaside 
is my first choice to try.

Sebastian Sastre wrote:
> Good news: depending on your choice you may not need to do nothing, or
> almost nothing, from smalltalk for this feature to work.
> Take a look to this:
> http://leftshore.wordpress.com/2006/10/27/hint-setting-up-apache-proxy-for-y
> our-seaside-host/
> Boris even post an example of an apache VirtualHost.
> I'm doing a couple of things a little different but it's a good start point
> for you to get the idea
> 	cheers,
> Sebastian Sastre

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