[Seaside] How to learn about Comet in Seaside?

cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 12:22:59 UTC 2008

Hi Nick and welcome :)

2008/6/14 Nick Smith <life2point0 at gmail.com>:
> Hi, I'm new to Smalltalk and Seaside and must say I'm enjoying learning both
> immensely.  I've worked my through 'Squeak by Example' and 'An Introduction
> to Seaside' and would like now like to implement Comet style 'server push'
> in a web app.

You should have a closer look at CTChat, and CTCounter and CTSession.

To run the examples (I don't know if you did), you have to run a web
listener so that the connection is always open to push information. So
instead of using one of the WAKom, you run WAListener startOn: 8888.
Then you browse to localhost:8888/seaside/browse and you should see
comet exemples.

> Problem is I can't find any documentation anywhere, so I've tried to figure
> it out by browsing the Comet classes and method comments (in Damien Cassou's
> latest web imagine... the tools in here are fantastic) but I'm probably not
> experienced enough to understand just by reading code.
> Any pointers to notes, blog posts or docs. would be really appreciated.

Comet is not really tested and used I guess. I cannot help here too
much. Just look closer at CTChat and CTCounter especially class side.
You need to have a class instance variable name pusher that is
initialized (lazily) with a CTPusher. Then in you render method, you
need to render at the end the script that does the magic (see in both

	html script: (html comet
		pusher: self pusher;

I think that's nearly all. Don't forget to use a CTSession. Initialize
properly the app (see examples). Here is the one for the chat:

	| application |
	application := self registerAsApplication: 'comet/chat'.
	application preferenceAt: #sessionClass put: CTChatSession.
	application addLibrary: SULibrary; addLibrary: CTLibrary

Last point, to udpate in other browsers, you need a to use self pucher
javascript: [:aScript |], like:

CTChat>>push: aString with: aBlock
	self pusher javascript: [ :script |
		script element id: 'messages'; insertTop: [ :html |
			self renderMessage: aBlock class: aString on: html ] ]

CTCounter>>update: anAspect
	"Update the number in all connected web browser. Only the first 4
lines are really needed, the rest adds some eye-candy and can simply
be removed if not needed."

	self pusher javascript: [ :script |
		script element
			id: 'count';
			update: self model count.


ps: to Lukas and others, couldn't we have a class CTComponent to be
the common superclass of Comet apps. It could have pusher class inst
var and its accessor. Also, we could maybe get rid of having to write
html script: (html comet
		pusher: self pusher;

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