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if you unify components and brushes to get a true model of the client side
(how do you really keep this model in sync with the client side if you use
DOM manipulating JavaScript?) then this opens the question:
- who is maintaining the application state and interaction logic?

UI and application state are not necessarily identical and you do not want
to keep your whole state in the DOM tree (this would mean your application
becomes too much dependent on a particular tree). An application state (in
VisualWorks it is the ApplicationModel, bad name) is the necessary
abstraction from a particular presentation. So by joining components and
brushes, you have to introduce a new concept to replace the now missing
other half of WAComponent.

I think splitting up the responsibilities of WAComponent would not be too
bad for the clarity of the design. But a more elaborate design of components
seems not to be too popular :-)

Where did you see that quote from Michael?


Am 10.03.2008 18:48 Uhr schrieb "itsme213" unter <itsme213 at hotmail.com>:

> Seaside currently keeps a server-side component tree. Each component will
> typically render a sub-tree of the browser-side DOM tree.
> What would be the disadvantage of maintaining a unified server-side DOM
> tree, where some (but not all) nodes would correspond to full-blown Seaside
> components? I think Michael Lucas-Smith had mentioned this
> "you tend to want only one tree to represent your UI state on the server,
> not two - instead of having WAComponent and WABrush separated, we combined
> the two so that each widget was an element which was also represented on the
> client side as a DOM node."
> Thanks - Sophie
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