[Seaside] calling components inside an updated ajax div

Cédrick Béler cdrick65 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 11:15:58 UTC 2008

not sure but it might be that you need to put evalScripts: true. at
leat for the first example in the updater and if you use some js in

SUUpdater>>evalScripts: aBoolean
"This determines whether <script> elements in the response text are
evaluated or not. The default implementation of Prototypes does not
evaluate script, however this implementation changes this odd



2008/11/27 christian ponti <pontichristian at gmail.com>:
> Hello list,
> I have an application with a login system (basically from the tutorial)
> where the logged in user can configure some "stuff".
> The view is divided in four blocks, an administration box on the left, a
> centered working box, a modules box on the right and another bottom box.
> I have the same problem in two situation: from the administration box an
> anchor which calls a component with user configuration purposes and updates
> the central box where the component is rendered.
> (html anchor)
>                         onClick:
>                                 ((html updater)
>                                         id: 'central';
>                                         callback: [:renderer | self
> renderUserDataOn: renderer]);
>                         with: 'Change User Data'.
> i can modify the user data and submit change without problem but after
> clicking the submit button the component disappear, this without the
> classical self answer.
> In the same way, at least in my opinion, on the right I can drag an image
> (representing my module) to the bottom box, where on dropping the code
> updates two divs, the bottom box itself where the dropped image is shown,
> and the central box where I want to be able to start the module
> configuration, calling some components.
> The updating code is:
> ^(html evaluator)
>         triggerPassenger:
>                 [:value |
>                     self addModule: value.
>                     self moduleConfiguratorComponent setModule: value];
>         callback:
>                 [:script |
>                     (script element)
>                         id: id;
>                         render: [:renderer | self renderModuleOn: renderer].
>                     (script element)
>                         id: 'central';
>                         render: [:renderer | self
> renderModuleConfiguratorOn: renderer]]
> the central box is diplayed but at this point when I click a submit button,
> which calls another component, as mentioned before the component disappears,
> but the called componed is not displyed.
> In both cases calling the components directly ends with a correct behaviour.
> Any idea why this happens?
> Christian
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