[Seaside] calling components inside an updated ajax div

christian ponti pontichristian at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 16:35:39 UTC 2008

hi Cedrick,

thanks for the answer

not sure but it might be that you need to put evalScripts: true. at
> leat for the first example in the updater and if you use some js in
> #renderUserDataOn:

i think it is not a js problem (as i can understand, but in any case i added
the method with no result) , actually #renderUserDataOn: renders only a
component, which is initialized  in #children. That component contains a
form that on submission write on a database and do nothing else; the final
step would be to call #answer and make the component disappear. At this
moment the component disappears but without calling #answer.

The second example uses js to update ( with an evaluator) a div inside the
central box of the same component. After that the new component is rendered
correctly; this is a very simple component which contains a brief
explanation for the user and a button with a #call: on a configuration
component, the one responsible for the real configuration. There is no js in
there and the code inside the configuration component is executed but not
rendered. In other words i cannot give control to him and return when i'm

I don't know if it is very clear ... let me know :)

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