[Seaside] Re: Comparison of Aida/Web, Seaside and Iliad web frameworks

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Wed Jun 22 23:03:43 UTC 2011

Hi guys!

On 06/22/2011 10:42 PM, Janko Mivšek wrote:
>> I've heard rumours that Gilad Bracha has a Newspeak to Javascript
>> compiler working. Anyone seen anything?
> We have now Jtalk which will be actively supported and used in real
> projects soon, so I'd bet on Jtalk alone.

Let me chip in a few observations here:

- We have seen a few st->js compilers:
	StToJs (?), Quicksilver and now Jtalk

- Jtalk is IMHO clearly the most interesting because:
	- It has a working IDE which is quite impressive already.
	- It is written mainly in itself and thus very friendly to hack
	- It is going places.

- Jtalk is a Smalltalk but it cooperates with Javascript and *that* is 
key to success here. We are currently working on making that works even 

- Javascript is taking off BIG TIME. Just look at Node.js and V8, HTML5 
etc etc. We as Smalltalkers need to be in on it!

> About GWT and Java in general: I'd skip it and rather concentrate on
> JavaScript on server instead. With Google V8 engine and node.js momentum
> we will soon have a plethora of JS libraries too, also those connecting
> to Java ecosystem.

They are ALREADY HERE. Just look at this:




I mean, come on! 2543 packages!

I am convinced that the future on both the web and in our pads and 
phones is going to be mainly Javascript in Webkit running using 
callbacks into backends that in many setups will be written in 
Javascript too - and probably in Node.js.

...which is why Jtalk is so DARN interesting. We aren't talking only 
client side. I have already added server side examples on top of Node.js 
to Nicolas repository including a command line "compiler" using Node.js 
etc etc.

So I say, come on in and join the Jtalk party. It is fun!

regards, Göran

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