[Seaside] Live Ruby on rails tutorial sites

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Tue Jan 24 08:38:20 UTC 2012

Hi all!

On 01/23/2012 09:05 PM, Philippe Marschall wrote:
> 2012/1/23 Robert Sirois<watchlala at hotmail.com>:
>> What about Amber?
> Amber doesn't run Seaside.

True, but Amber does have a similar Canvas API and Widget is similar to 
WAComponent in its role etc. So yes, definitely *not* the same thing - 
but if the goal is to attract people to the "Smalltalk arena" of web 
apps it is still a good thing to have.

And with Amber there is no problem letting the users go berzerk - it's 
all on the client side anyway, and one can use local storage etc to make 
sure stuff is not "lost".

But again - not Seaside. But similar. ;)

regards, Göran

PS. I love Seaside and Iliad etc, but for me personally it's all about 
client side now. We are using javascript with the help from Nicolas to 
build a full "fat" HTML5 client for a customer. And for a personal 
project I am going "all Amber" for the client. The server then gets 
transformed into a "RPC backend". And for that, one can use a multitude 
of technology, with Socket.io being the "sexiest".

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