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Bob Arning arning315 at comcast.net
Tue Dec 17 11:24:46 UTC 2013

I certainly won't say this is the right way, but it seems to work:

renderGlobalSearchOn: html

     | inputId action |

     inputId _ html nextId.
     action _ html jQuery ajax
         callback: [ :v2 |
             filterString _ v2.
             selections _ Dictionary new.
             visibleChunks _ #().
         value: (html jQuery id: inputId) value;

         script: self scriptForGlobalSearch.

     html script: 'function foobar27(){',action greaseString,'}'.

     html div: [
         html button
             value: 'Search:';
             onClick: 'foobar27()';
         html textInput
             id: inputId;
             value: filterString;
             onEnter: 'foobar27()'.


On 12/16/13 8:25 PM, Aaron Rosenzweig wrote:
> Oh c'mon, no takers?
> Nobody has faced this before?
> I can't believe something so easy in WebObjects is so hard in Seaside. 
> (Ok, that was below the belt).
> In WO, all I have to do is drop an "AjaxWOSubmitButton" component on 
> the page and then bind the "functionName" binding. I can immediately 
> call that name in Javascript from the client side and anything in the 
> "action" binding is performed and all the form bindings are synchronized.
> Thanks,
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> On Dec 15, 2013, at 9:50 AM, Aaron Rosenzweig <aaron at cocoanutstech.com 
> <mailto:aaron at cocoanutstech.com>> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is there a way to "name" a PTAjax callback so that it can be 
>> conveniently invoked from javascript?
>> Situation:
>> Want to effectively have a submit button (or hyperlink) on the page 
>> with an on click Updater callback... then from something 
>> programmatically on the page... *click* that link.
>> Problems:
>> 1) Having a hidden button or link to click is not elegant (I feel dirty)
>> 2) It doesn't always work. For various reasons, doing a 
>> domElement.click() is not the same as a human hand doing a click 
>> because it doesn't generate a full mouse click event.
>> Thought:
>> There must be a way to setup the following:
>> A) Create a PTAjax object with a name that is a global javascript 
>> variable on the client side (web browser)
>> B) You would provide the "javascript function name" a "seaside 
>> callback" a "HTML form ID or form name" so that synchronization of 
>> form variables can take place and finally an "update container ID"
>> C) You could just invoke it from your javascript code and know that 
>> it will safely update the server.
>> Does this make sense?
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