squeak hogs memory on linux?

Greg Lewin greg at quokka.demon.co.uk
Wed Jun 10 13:31:02 UTC 1998

Hi -

has anyone found that squeak continually acquires and does not release
memory under linux (I'm using Red Hat 5.0, with the 2.0.32 kernel),
until either squeak is terminated or the system hangs - needing reboot? 

The symptom is that the little graph of (what I take to be) system
virtual memory keeps on ramping up to "saturation" (i.e. maximum) and
then tops out, before the above crash happens.

My system has 48 meg of RAM and 106 meg of swap partition, so I don't
think lack of memory is the problem! Linux is otherwise stable on this

At a vague guess this could be a garbage collection problem.
Unfortunately I never have long enough to investigate before the system
becomes unusable due to either of the above causes. - at most a minute
or two.

I have found this with both Squeak 1.31 and the newly released 2.0 (non-
beta) versions.

Squeak 1.31 behaves well under NT - both 3.51 and 4.0 versions. I
haven't got the 2.0 version for NT but don't expect any trouble there.
Greg Lewin

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