Ctrl, Alt and Menu keys (was: RE: Thinking about a better UI)

Dino gte949e at prism.gatech.edu
Tue May 18 15:04:36 UTC 1999

I strongly agree with this one....  I hate the friggin alt key!  It's simply so
weird to use on a PC box.  Especially in my case since I use Linux and I never
have to use the Alt-modifier key.  It's all ctrl-this ctrl-that in unix.

-- Dino

Stephen Pair wrote:
> Perhaps the Alt and Ctrl keys should simply be reversed on the Windows
> platform.  I don't think their historical meanings are that important.  By
> and large, people use Ctrl-XCV far more than they use the control
> characters.  Perhaps there should also be a simple keyboard mapping
> mechanism that can be made specific to the hardware (i.e. one image could
> contain multiple keyboard mappings for multiple platforms).
> - Stephen

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