Best way to run a Swiki

Torsten.Bergmann at Torsten.Bergmann at
Wed Jan 3 15:08:24 UTC 2001


I've tested the default PWS that comes with Squeak and a Comanche 
Package I've found at I'm a little bit
irritated by different implementations, changesets, websites and 

I want to run an own local Swiki for personal informations.
It should look similar to the Squeak Discussion Swiki, Swiki's at
or Swikis at and should support most of their functionality.

Which files do I need to run such a swiki ? Is there a general 
package I can install into Squeak ? What's actually the best
Swiki implementation with the most functionality ? Is it possible to use
the implementations with an updated alpha image?

Can I have Frameset support like on ?
Is there any work going on on having PWS as comanche module or interfacing 
comanche to databases?


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