[ENH]VMMaker version 6, now with extra cleverness!

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Tue Apr 2 01:06:06 UTC 2002

Those of you that have been playing with VMMaker will probably be
interested in the new version.

I've added some new features that should be useful to you:-

A new button gives you a list of known platforms instead of you having
to know the proper spelling of all the platforms.

The text fields for the paths and platform name now auto-accept when you
hit any of the generate buttons, and (seem to!) report any errors correctly.

Another new button allows you to clean out the generated file tree.

A dictionary holding lists of the files required for each plugin and the
vm - this should be some use in making automagically produced makefile

Plugins have a timestamp that is updated when you change any methods in
them; this is compared to the timestamp of the relevant file and only if
the plugin is newer than the file(s) is the file regenerated. Thus if
you are actively working on a plugin or the vm you can simply hit the
'Generate All' button and only the changed plugin(s) will be
regenerated. This even works on a fresh startup, so long as your
configuration is the same as last time. I recommend saving a
configuration and reloading it the next time you need to do vm work.

'Unneeded' plugin directories are deleted when you hit the go buttons.
i.e. if you move FooPlugin from internal to external the directory for
FooPlugin in the intplugins tree will be removed. This should avoid confusion.

An alpha version (ie I haven't done exhaustive testing yet) is
availalable at http://sumeru.stanford.edu/tim/pooters/sqFiles/deltas/VMMaker-3-2-version6.1.cs


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