Fixed limits in the image. (was Re: ...)

PhiHo Hoang phiho.hoang at
Wed Apr 3 02:11:01 UTC 2002

Hi John,

> >
> >(lines with ';;' at the front are commented out).
> >
> >[TuningParams]
> >;;  Was 4097 Now Default: 8192
> >
> Well I was thinking more of changes to
> SystemDictionary>>vmParameterAt:put:
> So you can change the values on the fly, versus having to recompile 
> the VM each time you want to change the size of these arrays. Just 
> malloc a new array and take what action is required to move things 
> over from the old array if needbe.
> Also remembering highwater marks that you could access via
> SystemDictionary>>vmParameterAt: might be a useful thing.

	Yeah, this is how you change the flat tire, clean the spark
plugs while you are driving and whistling 'Danube Bleu' while you are
brushing your teeth ;-)

	Until the riders of SqueakMobil put in some primitives, SqM will
read the [TuningParams] on startup. That saves quite a few CPU cycles in
regenerating and recompiling the VM.



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