[Q] [Morphic] Multiple Selections in PluggableListMorph?

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Fri Apr 5 06:04:10 UTC 2002

On Thursday 04 April 2002 04:43 pm, Ken Brown wrote:
> It doesn't seem to do what I'm looking for which would be to highlight two
> lines in the upper left pane, and have a corresponding selection range
> index available for its list array. Basically I'm wanting to have two lists
> side by side, in which I can select more than one line at a time then use a
> button click to move the selected items to the other list. Any suggestions?
> Thx
> Ken

PluggableListMorphOfMany responds to listSelectionAt: and listSelectionAt:put: 
which respond with Booleans saying whether the given item is selected or not.

So you just iterate through the list indices, selecting the ones for which 
listSelectionAt: returns true.

Does this do what you need, or do you have other requirements?

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