PLEASE use MIME Atttachments! (was: Re: [FIX] Comments for Set...)

Richard A. O'Keefe ok at
Fri Apr 26 03:02:01 UTC 2002

Bert Freudenberg <bert at> wrote:
	Then it should also be no problem to use "mailto" for sending mails with 
	MIME attachments. Or, if you really prefer stripped-to-the-bones programs, 
	use "metasend".
a% which mailto
(no output)
a% which metasend
(no output)
(same response on several other machines here)

Tell me where to find these programs and I will be happy to try them.

	> Squeak 3.0.1, MacOS 8.6, PowerMac G3 with 64MB of memory and 4GB of disc.
	> Nature of problem:  Celeste appears to work.  First time you run it, asks
	> for permission to create files, _does_ create files in Squeak folder.
	> But mail never arrives.  Mail sent using Netscape does arrive.
	You do not need to setup Celeste for mail reading. Just use the "mail to 
	list" command from a changesorter. This employs straight SMTP.
Yes, that was the very first thing I tried.  The very FIRST.

	> I've been using uuencoding since 1979 and never found myself in any
	> doubt about this point.
	Fine. However, for distributing Squeak changesets we agreed on MIME 
	attachments. It would be nice if you accepted this.
Who's this "we"?  _I_ never agreed to it.
Look, I have made a good faith attempt to send these messages using
Squeak tools, and I have sent the last two hours, one way and another,
shipping files around machines trying to make this work the way it's
apparently wanted.  I don't like being jumped all over for using a
traditional method.

(Along the way, Squeak + Acrobat together have frozen my Mac once
and Squeak on its own dropped me into the boot prom debugger once.)

Bert Freudenberg's is the first actually _helpful_ message about this.
Thanks for suggesting these programs.
Next time someone has this problem, perhaps the first response
should be to quote a few download URLs.

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