[Q] Strikefont - characterToGlyphMap (MacRomanvs.Windowsencoding)

Doug Way dway at riskmetrics.com
Fri Apr 25 16:00:52 UTC 2003

Andreas Raab wrote:
> > The Win32NativeFonts are also very nice, but they're
> > platform-specific,
> Entirely incorrect. The package is completely platform independent - all it
> requires is a bit of platform support for rendering the glyphs and
> retrieving status information about your "local fonts". I actually posted a
> rather lengthy description for all of the primitives involved a while ago
> and all they do is answer the fonts installed, give a bit of status
> information and return bitmaps for the glyphs. From then on, the fonts are
> just plain StrikeFonts.
> The only reason I posted this as "Win32" is that the required platform
> support is only available on Windows. It looks as if Mac/Unix people just
> don't have as many beloved fonts they'd like to use ;-)

Ah that's right, I stand corrected.  Anyway, we'd want to have the Mac/Unix
primitives implemented before we considered adding this stuff to the
Basic/Full release.

- Doug Way

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