Magma isn't working.

Raymond raymondasselin at
Fri Apr 25 20:50:04 UTC 2003

Le Vendredi, 25 avri 2003, à 05:57 America/Montreal, 
goran.hultgren at a écrit :

> Michael van der Gulik <mikevdg at> wrote:
>> Ahh.. Magma isn't doing it for me. The first step fails:
>>   MagmaRepositoryController
>>     create: '/home/mikevdg/sq/myRepository.magma'
>>     root: Dictionary new.
>> I don't know how to cut&paste a stack dump, but it fails first with an
>> error:
>> "MessageNotUnderstood: binary", and the offending message send seems 
>> to
>> be in "MaLargeCollectionOfIntegers>>create:" which looks like this:
>> create: fileNameString
>>     file _
>>         (FileStream concreteStream new
>>             open: fileNameString
>>             forWrite: true) binary.
>>     self writeHeader
>> (FileStream concreteStream new) is a StandardFileStream, and the
>> "binary" method seems to exist in that class.
> snip-------
> I haven't tested Magma under Linux myself (but I think Chris has) but
> the error above has most surely nothing to do with Magma.
> regards, Göran

Hi Göran,  I don't know what system Michael van der Gulik use but I'm 
using MasOs X and I got exactly the same error than Michael.


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