Trying to combine image and vm

peter.gadzinski at peter.gadzinski at
Thu Feb 6 02:07:40 UTC 2003


     I'm trying to combine the image and squeak.exe into a single file. I tried following the instructions laid out on the Squeak Swiki (quoted below), but it didn't work. The instructions do state that it only works on some platforms. I'm using Win98. I was wondering if anyone else has been able to accomplish this.

     "Creating a single-file distribution. If you literally want to create a combined VM and image, then you can try "Smalltalk saveAsEmbeddedImage". This works on some platforms (e.g. non-Carbon Macintosh), but not on others (e.g., Unix). VM implementors should look at #snapshotEmbeddedPrimitive if they want this functionality themselves. With the latest Mac VM 3.2.6b3 you could put .image .sources and .changes in the resource path of the VM .app. "

Peter Gadzinski

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