Pink Plane vs Blue Plane

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at
Wed Feb 12 09:54:20 UTC 2003

> These goals are, imho, incompatible between them.  If we want to see 
> the
> next shift, let's forget about compatibility, stability, documentacion,
> etc.  On the other side, if we want to see a "solid" smalltalk to
> create "standard" business applications, let's forget about eToys, 
> Croquet,
> etc.
I do not believe in this separation. As a person experimenting with new 
object model
I need (just ask nathanael face to face his point of view) a non buggy 
parser, a good AST, a customisable compiler....Should I continue?

So there is no opposition of principle. I think that after any 
expansion phase a consolidation pahse is required. Even if as Andreas 
pointed out we may have tocuhed the limits of traditional
object models. Still spaghetti code is spaghetti code.

> I have not a clear position on it but if I'm force to choose I'll 
> choose to
> work in the next paradigm shift. Meanwhile we can use another 
> Smalltalk to
> create "standard" applications.
> Cheers,
> Diego Gomez Deck
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  might not be your last day on earth" Calvin&Hobbes

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