Documentation [was: Morphic tutorial]

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Thu Feb 13 09:27:11 UTC 2003

"Richard A. O'Keefe" <ok at> wrote:
> The next time someone says "let's make a Swiki page to talk about
> documentation" I'm going to vomit.

Well then, Mr O'Keefe - why don't you help out then? You are a very
competent Squeak programmer - perhaps you could help us realize the
"Magic Book"? And if you don't have the time to help then... well.

Squeak suffers from lack of a good multi developer source management
system (which should of course include documentation) and lacks a good
process for dealing with it (Harvesting has great problems). We all know
this painfully well.

But we are aiming to solve these problems. Harvesting will change
dramatically once we have the new tools set up for that. SqueakMap has
already changed a lot. And the Magic Book could do the same for
documentation inside the image.

So while I can sympathize with your comment (good knows I can) it is
still a rather stupid comment to post in an open source project. In My
Very Humble Opinion.

regards, Göran

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