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Mon Feb 17 20:18:58 UTC 2003

Marco Paga <squeak-dev at lists.squeakfoundation.org> said:
>The GPL is the  license I like most.

I am not in a position to tell you to do anything different, but the GPL
is extremely viral in a Squeak image. So, if you use the GPL, the use of
your code will be limited to the very few projects that are happy to
have mostly everything under the GPL, and even then they probably cannot
distribute your work as part of an image. 

So by choosing the GPL, you will probably one of the few people that can
actually use your code...

If you really insist on changes being given back, the LGPL is probably
best. It's still not optimal for Squeak, though - AFAIK it is still
mildly viral.

Probably we need a variant of the LGPL that clearly defines the
boundaries of a package for Squeak. Hard to do, with all the mix-up that
is going on inside an image...

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