official Accufont image?

Ned Konz ned at
Sat Feb 22 20:17:54 UTC 2003

On Saturday 22 February 2003 09:46 am, Daniel Vainsencher wrote:
> About the fonts - I agree. Doug, Ned, how about adding the
> AccuFonts package, with an answer of "yes" to the replace fonts
> question, as the first update to 3.5alpha, and producing an image
> with that update, to create an Apple-font-free official image that
> we can bring to the Apple table?

We certainly *could* do that; what do the rest of the Guides think?

> Ned, when it asks "replace the existing fonts?", can we be fairly
> certain there's no trace of them left in the image?

I'll check. One of the things that I find with the version on 
SqueakMap is that the default text font needs to be changed to make 
it somewhat bigger after installation (to make it similar in size to 
the NewYork that was being used). We could add that to the installer.

Ned Konz

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