GOODS commit performance

Avi Bryant avi at
Mon Jan 5 20:19:03 UTC 2004

On Mon, 5 Jan 2004, Vaidas Didzbalis wrote:

> Ok, after commit,  opened new workspace and measured lookup speed. It
> takes 8 sec. How quickly get little piece of information, change it, and
> submit changes?
> db := KKDatabase onHost: '' port: 6100.
> root := db root.
> nt _ root at: #NumbersTable .
> "lookup speed"
> [element _ nt at: 777777] timeToRun  <8061>.

Ok, that's interesting.  The problem, I think, is that you're doing these
tests with a single massive object.  The granularity of the database
protocol is single objects, so the first time you touch that large array,
the whole thing has to be brought in (not all the LargeIntegers, but the
whole Array), and as you're demonstrating that's quite slow.

Of course you might have a legitimate need for extremely large collections
- what this means is that you can't use the normal collection classes if
they need to be that large; you'll need implementations that internally
store multiple small arrays instead of one big one.  It seems like
might be such an implementation; I'd be curious to see what your timings
looked like using the LargeArray from that package.

> BTW, how to reply to a message in this newsgroup, to post new, I send
> email to squeak-dev at, but what to do when I
> want to reply?

Just replying normally to a message should work - the reply-to is set to
the list.

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