[Nostalgia] Apple APDA Smalltalk-80

Aaron J Reichow reic0024 at d.umn.edu
Mon Jan 19 21:11:23 UTC 2004

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:

> Well, it would run in the sense that you would get the old Smalltalk-80
> "desktop" on your screen. Unfortunately it talks directly to the
> hardware for the keyboard and mouse and doesn't know anything about the
> ADB. So it is not usable on anything newer than a Mac Plus.

I have a Mac Plus and a Classic around here somewhere.  I could make a
video of me demoing it if folks are really interested.

What about vMac?  It emulates a Mac Plus. Not sure how complete the
See <http://www.vmac.org>. I've used it some and never had a problem with
it running older software, but I have no idea how completely it might
emulate some undocumented traps that may be a part of Apple's

> Classic II and transfer that into a Performa 5215CD. My attempts to go
> from there to a PC have not been as successful and I would welcome any
> advice (none of my old Macs have network interfaces).

As far as I know, all Macs have a network interface.  The wonder of
LocalTalk!  Although, that does depend on having a middle-age Mac (like
that Performa) that has both LocalTalk and ethernet.  Even a newer Mac
running OS 9 and a serial port (B&W G3) or a USB-Serial interface could do
the LocalTalk thing.

A shame it would cost so much, but I could send you a nubus ethernet card
from a Mac IIci...


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