[Nostalgia] Apple APDA Smalltalk-80

Davide Grandi davide.grandi at mclink.it
Sun Jan 18 22:45:12 UTC 2004

>Many, many years ago I purchased, for the princely sum of US$50, 
>Apple's Smalltalk-80.  Someone at Apple, maybe Dan, tried to talk me 
>out of it because the system was so "researchy".  Does anyone still 
>have disks or disk images so that this could be run again in vMac or 
>on and old Mac?
>Also, for the other software archeologists on the list, I still have 
>running copies of Methods, ST/V 286, and ST/V Mac.

 From my "archive " :

Apple Smalltalk :
     V0.2 : 956k
     V0.3 : 760k
     V0.4 : 776k

The first one is "around" May 1986, courtesy by Apple Italy, and ran 
only on a mac 512k/Plus with it's specially crafted system disk.
I bought the other two from the Apple and run until a Mac LC (and 
LCIII, but I'm not sure, I was already using Objectworks for my 
The Apple version of Smalltalk is quite near to the "original" 
edition that Xerox released to the outside developers.

In my "collection" (kept along 4 different Mac) I still have some 
other environments :
- the Xerox DV6 that ran in a model 1186 Lisp machine (along with 
"the Analyst" and "Humble" packages")
- the Tektronix Smalltalk that I used on a Tek 4405 workstation
- some other Digitalk environments for 286 and OS/2.

Best regards,

     Davide Grandi
Ing. David Grandi
davide.grandi at mcink.it

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