Squeak Daemon issues

Peter William Lount peter at ActiveInfo.CA
Tue Jan 20 22:08:54 UTC 2004

> The Squeak VNC server is unfinished.  That's a great project for
> someone to work on if someone has spare cycles... anyone? ;)  Although
> there's also Nebraska, which you might want to play with.
> - Avi


Nebraska is cool and might be usefull. However it seems to be broken (or
misconfigured) as whenever I move a window (from the client side) it gets
stuck. I have to go to the server image where there is a window frame and
move it where I want it and then click to set the position. Not quite what
is intended... it does this whether or not it's "buffered". After I
re-position the window on the server Nebraska keeps on trucking... until I
attempt to move a window again. Otherwise it seems to work fine.

Squeak 3.7a-5657 windows on the client with Squeak 3.6g 5420 unix on the
server (FreeBSD). When I attempt to upgrade the unix version to I get to
3.7, save the image, then load updates again and it takes a while but then I
get a core dump before it completes loading the updates. Any ideas?

All the best,


p.s. changed email subject line

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