Leaving SqueakFoundation board

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Thu Aug 17 15:44:34 UTC 2006

Stéphane Ducasse wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to thank the people that voted for me but I will leave the
> squeakfoundation board.
> I would like to thank the people that gave money to the foundation
> when it was not even something
> that was based on election. Thank you all for all the trust you put on
> me. Really this was a warm feeling
> and I took my responsibility quite seriously. I had dreams but I could
> not make them reality. But
> may be my dreams were dangerous too.
> I have a different vision of what the foundation can do to push
> squeak. This is already a moment that I was
> hesitating to leave (and put myself my own deadline). I realize that
> this is  weakening the foundation
> but I prefer to leave now and focus on cool other stuff. Still I
> encourage everybody to support the foundation
> and I'm sure that some cool stuff will happen.
> Now you can know what I think in a nutshell and I'm sure other boarder
> will rectify me if I'm wrong.
> I wanted the foundation to push some development of infrastructural
> elements (process for
> release team supported tools [1], fixing infrastructural aspects, test
> server, MC2...) but
> on one hand, there is not enough money (but we could collect money)
> and more important
> other consider that this can destroy the community (which can be true).
> I got mad because if the foundation cannot afford to help the people
> doing the dirty work
> (integrating bugfixes and creating new release) then I give it a
> limited interest. I think that this is a dream
> to think that Squeak happen just like that. Of course one can argue
> that open-source is to work the nights on your
> night sleep and it is easy to say that if this is not fun to do it we
> should stop doing it, but it is another to do
> not without any support. And the foundation could have acknowledge
> this fact. Since it did not, I went mad
> and deciding to spend my good energy in better stuff.
>     [1] seriously the release team CANNOT continue to work the way it
> worked.
>     I do not want to see marcus burnt like that and get sick of
> Smalltalk.
>     I prefer to see him inventing the next squeak compiler and for
> that we need better tools to support
>     and invent the process. Because we can invent a lot of fun stuff too.
> I think that the board will do a good job without me. So if you want
> to organize an election at least we will have
> some animation and opportunity to talk (or communicate).
> Stef
> PS: if some of you are interested in gathering some money so that we
> get something done please contact me
> off-list.
Can you clarify why you are leaving, Stef? I don't understand if it's
because you want to spend you energy on something cool, or that you are
feed up with the way the Foundation is operating.  What are the top
reasons you are leaving?


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