How can I mix a WAV file with SequentialSound(s)?

Rob Rothwell r.j.rothwell at
Sun Jan 22 16:36:17 UTC 2006

Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure out how to mix a set of
SequentialSound(s) with a preexisting recording (say, a .WAV file)?

I figured out how to create a series of tones using the MixedSound and
SequentialSound classes, but now I would like to overlay them with a
background recording, preferably by looping a small sample (i.e. rain,
waves, river noise, etc...).

For example, I would like to take a 30 minute set of SequentialSound(s) and
mix it with a randomly looped sample of [rain] sounds, and I have absolutely
no idea how to proceed!

For simplicity, I am probably asking the following questions:

1.  How do I create a randomly looped track from a sample sound?
2.  How do I mix that new track with a set of SequentialSound(s)?
3.  Will that new track be another set of SequentialSounds that I can then
write to a WAV file?

I am certainly not a sound-engineering type who will easily understand how
to do this at the level of these mysterious-seeming sound envelopes, and I
am pretty new to Squeak, so I have to admit I am hoping that I have just not
found some built-in Squeak functionality that can accomplish this task!


Rob Rothwell
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