Bizarre happening in my plugin

tim Rowledge tim at
Sun Jan 22 17:11:08 UTC 2006

On 22-Jan-06, at 6:26 AM, Bob.Cowdery at wrote:
> Here's the code in calling order. I get 'Primitive Mode Change  
> failed' from this. The dll is called ok from the run/stop so it has  
> to be parameters still.
> primModeChng: mode
>         <primitive: 'modeChng' module:'SDRPhasingDSPPlugin'>
>         Transcript show: 'Primitive Mode Change failed'.
>         ^ false
> modeChng: mode
>         self export: true.
>         self    primitive: 'Sideband'
>                 parameters: #(SmallInteger).
>         (self
>                         cCode: 'SetSideband(mode)'
>                         inSmalltalk: [false])
>                 ifFalse: [^ interpreterProxy primitiveFail].
Compare the name of the plugin prim you are calling in  
#primModeChange: and the name you are giving the prim in modeChng:

<primitive: 'modeChng' module:'SDRPhasingDSPPlugin'>
self    primitive: 'Sideband'
                 parameters: #(SmallInteger).

How can the lookup find modeChng if you have only implemented  
Sideband? I suggest that you name your primitives as  
'primSetSideBand' etc to help with making it clear to you later which  
bits of code are handlign the primitive and which bits a re support  

Minnow is no responding so you should start from http:// and take alook at Andy Greenbergs  
tutorial and Ned Konz's paper and *especially* Andy's Specifications  
For Named Primitives page. Which, admittedly, needs a bunch more  
work. Sigh.

For reference, look at subclasses of SmartSyntaxInterpreterPlugin  
such as FileCopyPlugin (for real triviality), FilePlugin etc.

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