Do you think that squeak is long overdue for a Refactoring only pass.

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Wed Jan 25 14:40:58 UTC 2006

>> We are now trying again an active move (from our side) to look
>> at all the bug-fixing that is done in the squeakland fork. A lot of
>> that seems to be quite important especially for the m18n things.
> Indeed. These fixes came from the Japanese Squeakers community and  
> have been integrated in the Squeakland image.
> As Michael mentioned on this list a few days ago, he is trying to  
> gather those fixes to make a 3.8.1 release. You should coordinate  
> with him to avoid double work.

We are not idling :), but will really pay attention to all the stuff  
mike will send us.

>> (I wonder if they have kind of private 3.8.1 for all related  
>> projects like
>> Tweak, Sophie, Croquet, Impara... it would be quite strange not to
>> share to work of bugfixing basic stuff)
> I've been using 3.8 as is. Occasional bugs and fixes I have posted  
> to Mantis and/or Squeak-Dev.
> We have a packaged version of 3.8, which Andreas published and 3.9  
> was built from. Almost nothing changed in that packaged version  
> until now, the repository has been publicly accessible the whole time.
> I'm pretty sure nobody is secretly fixing bugs behind your back ;-)

ouf, our paranaio level can decresase now. :)


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