Problems while installing via SqueakMap and also direct file-in

Matej Kosik kosik at
Tue May 2 21:44:41 UTC 2006

Nagy Attila wrote:
> Dear list,
> I use Squeak 3.8 update #6665. I very frequently encounter errors while
> trying to install packages from SqueakMap. For example, say, I'd like to
> install LifeMorph.
> First, it complains that there's no published release for my version. No
> surprise, as there are no published versions at all. I say Yes, try any
> release. Now comes the complaint that there are no releases at all. Take
> the last unpublished release? Yes, take it. The third complaint says
> compatibility is not listed, so it may not work. Ok, proceed.
> And now it says: "Error occured during install:
> SMDefaultInstaller>>nonMultiSuffixes"
> Let's open a debugger. It says the SMDefaultInstaller doesn't understand
> #nonMultiSuffixes. What should I do?
> The other error I frequently encounter is that ByteString doesn't
> understand #fullName. I tried to install SqueakAmp by filing in its two
> .cs files, and that's what I got. Again, what should I do?
> Thanks for your help,
>     Attis


Squeak (at present) has relatively simple component versioning system. This has two implications:
1. the life of developers who develop pieces of software is easier
2. the life of users which would like to use those pieces of software is harder

(Actually, it has none. You cannot have in the same image two versions of the same class for different users.)

Btw. the package you tried to install was designed for Squeak image 3.6. I have tried it in 3.4 and there it works fine.

Matej Kosik
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