RC2 out

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sun Oct 15 08:44:33 UTC 2006

Hi Stef -

By now I *really* want you off the helm for any future Squeak release. 
Your behavior of insulting *every last person* who finds any shortcoming 
in 3.9 is just unworthy. I find a problem, I post a fix (without btw, 
requesting any immediate action like including this in the current 
release) I explain what the deeper problem is and request resolution by 
filing a bug and you call me ranting?

I'm sorry, but in this kind of atmosphere I really have no interest in 
contributing. Consider my fix withdrawn.

   - Andreas

stephane ducasse wrote:
> On 15 oct. 06, at 10:08, Andreas Raab wrote:
>> stephane ducasse wrote:
>>> where is the code? How can we put it in squeak if this is not visible 
>>> for us?
>>> I thought you were the maintainer of Graphics so that you would 
>>> include it in there.
>> Please do me a favor and at least have a peek at the reference I give.
> I look at it but it was not on mantis and I'm on the tweak mailing-list.
>> I don't do it for my own good. This bug report explains the problem.
>>   http://bugs.impara.de/view.php?id=5233
>> TTCFont and friends are in Multilingual, not Graphics. In other words, 
>> I can't touch them.
> But if I follow your usual rant "us stupid harvesters do not understand 
> what are package maintainers", we
> could not move anything to the graphics package either because you are 
> the maintainer of it.
> So instead of ranting on our stupid practices, if you could admit that a 
> bit of communication and synchronization
> are necessary in the process and that with the merge mechanism of MC we 
> can publish items in a package and that the
> maintainer of the package can merge it back (and possibly reject the 
> changes) because else we are stuck.
> So now concretely how do we proceed for this changes?
> Because you could have done it also, published two new versions of the 
> packages and notify us.
> I do not know who is maintaining the package multilangual. So we can do 
> it if the code works because we are in ReleaseCandidate
> status and this is taking far too much time so we could also postpone it 
> to 3.10.
> Stef

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