Just a note about your feedback on 3.9

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 09:54:31 UTC 2006

Hi guys

contrary to what we can think or the impression that we give (or I  
give). I'm sorry about that.
	We always valued it and we will continue. The fact that we got all  
these remarks (and work associated
	with it) is a good feeling because it means that you CARE about 3.9  
and we care TOO.

	Look at the number of fixes we harvested to convince you that we  
care. We RESPECT also package maintainer.
	I respect Andreas. Now we should find a way to work together. We  
know that this is boring as a maintainer
	that a funny guy with a french name published new versions under  
your back, but what else can we do? wait and die.
	The example of the TTCFont is a good illustration of it.
	Once the image will be better partitioned the situation should be  

Now we should all learn what gamma, and the rest means. We should  
avoid changes late in the process.
This is not an easy solution (may be if we could build an image from  
a script and always run the tests we could
have a smoother process). At ESUG giovanni was telling us that the  
cycles are too long (yes they are).

So if you have strong opinion of what should be fixed in 3.9 RC2  
please say it now and we will try to fix it.

Stef and marcus

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