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Gary Fisher gafisher at
Sat Jan 20 20:45:21 UTC 2007

Consider this an additional vote in favor of "Squeaky Mouse."  It's
distinctive, simple, meaningful and, like most of Squeak itself, doesn't
look "corporate."  Certainly other graphical representations are fine for
various uses, from Kim and B.J.'s playful 3D Squeakland version to the
rather astringent [|] discussed here recently, but I believe Squeaky is and
should remain the "official" logo.



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On 20-Jan-07, at 9:33 AM, Brad Fuller wrote:

> What is the meaning behind the 3 globes that orbit the smalltalk
> logo in
> Stéphane's logo. Has it been proposed to approve this logo for squeak
> promotion? Or is it only for the SqueakFoundation? Or?

It hasn't been proposed or discussed at all so far as I recall. It's
just something Stef put on the page he made. Personally I favour the
foundation using the good old squeaky mouse logo; particularly since
it would be a bit of a pain to have a logo different to the one one
the foundation supporter badges I've just ordered....

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