[squeak-dev] I'm stepping down as WebTeam Leader Mars 31

cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 08:53:27 UTC 2008

> While SEO experience is an important skill for website management, I
>  think you are too partisan in your marketing for Aida and against
>  Seaside to be a serious candidate. I've done some basic effective SEO
>  tasks, and the Squeak website itself could certainly be improved in
>  that way, I fear that your solutions will inherently involve your
>  favorite hammer rather than working within Seaside (aka "what we
>  have") the ways it provides.

*His solution* was not Janko initiative. Ken Kausey suggested him on
IRC and I think it's a good idea. Seaside has already a lot of
promotion IMHO. Personnaly, I think there is room for both...
especially if you consider the squeak site is *static* so I don't
really see interest in having seaside used here (of course Pier could
do it) as we could not say there are high level business processes in
the squeak sites...).

Of course Janko promotes his babies but not too obtrusively to me. I
don't remember him saying aida is better than seaside or whatever. He
also reckons, doing business processes in aida is not as straight as
in seaside. The only think he advocate is aida is simple to learn and

> Aida/Scribe CMS is the "most advanced technology Squeakers have"?
>  While it's probably quite good, I think you're revealing your self-
>  interest.

I think he's talking in general. Janko also develops Swazoo where
seaside and aida can run on top of... I think he'd like a 100%
smalltak powered approach ;-) avoiding Apache if possible...

>  I don't want to debate which framework or approach to web development
>  is better (and neither do you, apparently, having made your choice and
>  vocalizing it constantly), but Squeak does have a CMS and it seems to
>  serve us as a community well enough to keep improving it.

Smallwiki ?

>  Seaside also
>  provides us with some very innovative approaches to web applications
>  development that it alone is good PR for the community.

yes and ? Are you sure it's appropriate here ?

> I spend a lot of time with non-Smalltalkers who do web development,
>  and myself am currently working on web applications in a non-Smalltalk
>  (yet palatable) environment, so my bias is towards the perspective of
>  outsiders who are looking for open accessible information and
>  exposition of the Squeak community and its artifacts. I would offer my
>  candidacy as an alternative to your proposed deal in which you link
>  your volunteerism to lead with an "upgrade" of the site to the
>  application framework you author and self-promote.

Why don't you join with Janko ? The hard work is more about content
that technologies involved anyway and you seem interested in

>  I think the main "upgrade" we do need is for the Squeak Swiki, which
>  is many years old and doesn't help us with SEO at all, as I have
>  repeatedly found out while trying to google some solution for new
>  Squeakers. Aida could possibly help with that, but so could many other
>  choices. In any case, the answer is more about content and making
>  Squeak and Squeak information findable than any technology.

I agree but this is another thread...

my 2 cents


ps: I've only seaside so far...

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